Salon Management Software

Fonbell’s salon management software automates your booking, billing, payment, appointments with customers/clients.
So, you easily take care of your clients & make them happy!

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Salon Management Software

It’s always a difficult task to manage all activities of a rapidly booming salon business. No salon owner likes to keep his/her customer in waiting list just because he/she already has several customers to serve. If your salon business in development course, use Fonbell’s salon management software without having any second thought in mind.

Unique Features

Appointment Management

This simple salon software allows salon owners to manage their appointments with customers. Just use it and say a final farewell to your race against the time. It allows people to book their appointment with you 24*7. They can easily check the available time slots and book an appointment to receive your salon services.

24/7 online appointment booking facilities and automated appointment reminders make this salon software very useful for the further management and expansion of your customer base, to know the exact status of every appointment, manage individual and group appointments easily.

Customer Relationship Management

Fonbell’s salon management software is a boon for all salon owners. With its help, they can easily store customer data, track their communications with customers, and serve them accordingly.

It helps them to provide high-quality salon services to existing and potential customers and ensure their 100% loyalty to the brand.

Email Marketing Integration

Never miss a single chance of business coming from customers. With this salon software, you can easily contact email clients, send them personalized newsletters, and see a great boost in your customer base.

It lets you insert email templates easily, follow responders and non responders and track results comfortably.

Personalized Marketing

Our salon management acts as a real-time personalization platform for all salon business operators. It helps them to commence data-driven web, mobile, email and social media marketing personalization, and generate a handsome ROI every day, week, or month.

So, are you excited to use our salon management software? If yes, place your order now!