A professional Staffing & Recruitment software for all companies. Use Fonbell’s HR Payroll Software to manage your staff and company easily and effortlessly.

In simple words, Human Resource is aimed at increasing the performance of employees and help them meet the company’s expectations by all possible means. But, time management is a major cause of concern for the HR professionals in almost all companies.

  • Powerful Workflows
  • Recruitment Cycle Management system
  • Landing page and Analytics Services
  • Front Office and Back Office modules for hassle-free management of your staff.

Every day, they have to perform a lot of tasks to hire employees, track their attendance, leaves, issues related to remuneration and increment, evaluation of employee’s performance on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, HR professionals can perform all these duties accurately if they are accompanied by an appropriate HRM Software. The manual process of Staffing & Recruitment is time-consuming and full of errors. So, do you run a company? Looking for a feature-rich HRM software? If yes, then get Fonbell’s HRM Software right now from us.
As an employer or company owner, just use our HR Payroll Software to streamline the Staffing & Recruitment work within a few clicks and pick the right talents for your company.

Personnel Information Management (PIM)

Fonbell’s HRM software offers the flexibility and visibility to control your dynamic workforce. With its help, you can easily manage your workforce in different branches of your company, automate workflows and handle the personal information about employees.

System Administration & User Roles

System Admin & User Roles determine the use of the HRM software by different employees. As per your needs, you can give access or restrict user roles to employees based on their job profiles. Create unlimited reports using the System Admin and analyze your data easily. It helps you to perform your main HR functions without any problem.

Leave Management

Our Payroll Software gives you the ability to create and manage different types of leaves, such as Child Care Leave, Vacation, Sick, Maternity, Family Care Leave, etc. It also displays the leave balance of every employee for a particular month. Based on your needs, you can easily make rules for leave application and instruct employees to follow the exact procedures for the approval of their leaves.

Time & Attendance Management

Our HR Management Software comes with easy clock-in and clock-out system, which allows companies to capture the total working hours of their employees. From time-to-time, It offers detailed reports on
the attendance of employees. Using those reports, you can easily manage the attendance of employees in an easy way and compensate them accordingly.


Fonbell’s HR Payroll Software features a full-cycle talent acquisition process. So, HR professionals of your company can easily monitor and manage interview scheduling, CV management, shortlisting and selecting candidates for job, interview rounds, feedback about job aspirants, etc.

Performance & Training

The selection of employees and their continuation with the company depends on their performance on different projects. With this HRM, you can easily train your employees, encourage them to grow their skills, and track their performance in an easy way.

Employment Compliance

Every company has its set of rules and regulations for business operation. It expects employees to follow those rules without any fail. With this HTM system, you can easily monitor the activities of your employees within company premises and ensure that they abide by your company’s rules and regulations while on duty.

Travel & Expense Tracker

Travel and expenses are a huge undertaking for both companies and their employees. They need to track the cash outflows and expenses to manage their tax filing sheets. Fonbell’s HRM software enables employees to submit the claims of their past, present and future expenses and get them approved by the company management after stringent scrutiny.

Performance Appraisal

Every Employee wants appraisal in salary, posts, rank, etc. Our HRM has a fully-equipped performance appraisal system, which allows HR professionals, CEOs, and company owners to easily review the performance of employees by different angles (such as attendance, delivery of projects on time, compliance to the company’s rules and regulations, etc,) and provide the increment benefits accordingly.

Insurance Benefits

Every company deducts a certain amount from the salaries of employees and give them insurance benefits. With Fonbell’s Payroll System Software, you can easily calculate the insurance benefits of employees accurately and let them have a feeling of financial security while working with your organization.

Document Manager

Our HR Payroll Software helps you to create important documents for your organization, such as employee contracts, appointment letters for selected employees, employee termination letters, documents for company’s rules and regulations. You can easily create, distribute and share all these documents with employees and other professionals in your company.


Almost all HR and accounting professionals face problems while preparing salaries of employees as they have to make complex calculations, consider leaves, etc. Our payroll software gives a complete picture about the performance of employees and helps a lot to finalize their salary amount in a specific month.